My good friend dug out his ogre kingdoms army recently and we played a couple games of 8th edition. He has been unceremoniously tabled. I’ve recently invested in some Ogres as my latest Fantasy army due to the great new stuff they get in their recently updated Army Book. The only. 5 Jan The Special section of the Ogre list offers a wide variety of units, all of The new rules for 8th edition regarding missile weapons allows you to.

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Given that huge variation in magic goodies, he is very hard to rate. Removed restriction with errata. The biggest negative for Ogres now is their lack of armor, and warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition fact that multi-wound warmachines make a mess out of our pricey 3 wound models.

Another option is the Firebelly, who has access to Lore of Fire duh.

I slogged my way up his right flank my left and ended up loosing 2 of my 4 Ironguts on the way. Description Postage and payments. I think most people have pointed out their strengths and weaknesses. I think that the Sea Giant should be more clumsy on land than a land giant due to being used to an environment with water to counteract gravity.

This means that any wizard that is unfortunate warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition to ovre hit by Bonecrusher will immediately lose most or all of its levels and be warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition useless – the feeble Strength of the spell doesn’t matter, as it’s only the hits that are required. You can kingdooms Gnoblar units without first taking Bulls Ogres. Ogre mages can now access Lores of Magic other than their own, so how does the new Lore of the Great Maw stack up?

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Ogre Kingdoms in 8th Ed – Forum – DakkaDakka

warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition Dukerustfield he didn’t say worst unit. They are dirt cheap. The good thing here is that an opponent is more likely to charge an expensive bait unit than a cheap one, and so they can be placed further away and may actually flee far mingdoms to get out of charge range, though as mentioned this will mean the opponent only makes a normal move towards them rather than a double.

Gnobbos are recommended for this purpose. You don’t have much of a rank bonus to lose, but if you field your unit in only one rank, only one warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition will be able to fight back. Being unbreakable and having killing blow, they have the ability to alter the shape of the game very quickly. Most ogres are substantially cheaper, with some characters being warhammerr exception.

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Lots of good points here. Make sure you are now using 2 dice for ogrs spell you want to go off. But in this case I feel I just have to. Just want to tell me how great the Thundermace is? Other, more unreliable ways of countering faster units is to either shoot them up or make them Panic before they get to you by using the Braingobbler spell.

Sadly, except for units that warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition have good WS, there is not a lot you can do about this, except pick on WS2 people when the chance presents itself.

Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms (8th Edition) – Warhammer – Age of Sigmar – Lexicanum

Beneath contempt fits for the gnoblars sure, but I’m pretty sure the ogres would be bothered by a rhinox fleeing through them! On a decent day, Leadbelchers and gnobbos throwing sharp stuff is okay at scaring away light support units and may even make a warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition in bigger units.

Sabretusks kkingdoms have 2 attacks and Cragbeast should be Monstrous Beasts. It’s said in the fluff warhakmer the Scraplauncha that adult Rhinoxen are too Stubborn to haul anything. Then have some smaller units of sabertusks for example to hold your flanks because if your flanks are good then you can charge whatever is in front and you will most likely win bring the dragonhide banner to ensure that.

Ogres also lack any kind of movement spell. Bragg the Gutsman — just wow… this character is simply a failure. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. I used empire in some examples of how fragile ogres are to shooting. The ogres also cause fear this grants you immunity to fear, and makes you only fear any unit with terrorremember to make your opponent roll his fear test, as it can mean a huge difference on your to-hit with your frankly warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition weapon skills.

Warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition 1 April at Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. Maybe the gut plate shouldn’t count as light armor since it’s even less covering warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition the chainmail.

Ogre Kingdoms Army Book Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

Some armies out there have cannon fodder units that can cause Panic in friendly units if they flee or are destroyed Chaos Warhounds, for example. Therefore, the more an ogre unit is forced to turn and go along the table, rather than straight across it, the slower it moves. Since at strength 3 it will struggle to serve its purpose of knocking the regeneration off of the likes of Hydras and Hellpit abominations.

A target that warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition its Initiative test is in real danger of being hurt, but provided it has good Toughness and a lot of wounds, the spell is unlikely to be fatal.


This means that cavalry tends to move faster than you do and will get to charge you if you don’t warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition something about it.

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That’s impressive rolling sir. This includes gnoblars who are cheap and not vital to your plans if you know what’s good for you as well as Leadbelchers who frequently come in small warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition and so can wheel more quickly than bigger units and Yhetees who are faster than other units and can move through terrain.

The only other thing you really need to get at that point is a Wizard.

While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. On the good side, the enemy is probably coming towards you, and so the low Movement of the gnobbo unit is less of a problem.

Well, if you find yourself facing alot of lvl 4 wizards in your community, you need to step one of those butchers up to a slaughter master. Obviously, this tactic doesn’t work well against faster armies, warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition can rapidly redeploy to counter such moves. This makes ddition more important for ogres to deploy in the right place, because it takes a lot of time to redeploy.

As with the strong points of the Ogre Kingdoms army, the weak points of the army are generally caused by warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition stat line of a basic ogre, with the cost that is tagged onto this. It is lgre to get the charge on units that are faster than you, though it requires a bit of skill and it is not foolproof.

Weak points of the Ogre Kingdoms army It is good to have bad points because those provide challenges and being challenged is very much the reason for playing the game at least for me, that is.

Paying pts minimum for a point of rank bonus that could be shot away quite easily was never warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition good idea in the first place, and two units of 4 ogres was nearly always better than one unit of 8 the only real reason to go for large ogre units is to make them more resilient to missile fire.

Lastly, I think that the Rhinox Chariot should be T6 or W6 like the Gorebeast Chariot since the Chariot itself can be made a lot heavier with the heavy war machine removed.