3 days ago Veeramangai Velunachiyar was on 18th century Indian queen from Sivaganga Velu Nachiyar was the first Queen to fight against the British in. 24 Feb Veera Mangani Velu Nachiyar was the First Women Freedom Fighter This was recorded as the most Grief Stricken Incident in the History. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, Veera Mangai Velunachiyar was one of the queens in the 18th century in South India. Velu Nachiyar heard that her husband Raja Muthu Vaduganathar and her daughter young.

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She breathed her last in 25th December Also Ali supported her Financially by providing her pound Gold every month for her expense. She was very much worried and wanted to take revenge.

Seeking his help, she met the latter in Dindugal. Please help improve this velu nachiyar history in by adding historh to reliable sources. Hyder Ali granted her permission to stay at Virupakshi or Dindugal Fort and she histpry respected and treated as a Royal Queen. Her velu nachiyar history in rites were done by her son-in-law. Rani Velu Nachiyar was loved by all who met her.

It was based on his advise that the Rani decided to keep shifting her bases of operations so as to keep the British in a constant state of doubt. Those who are conversant with ancient Indian learning know that these are very high standards compared to this age, where a professor of Ancient History, for example, need not have historj basic understanding of Sanskrit or epigraphy to interpret the original sources of ancient Indian culture. Kuyili drenched herself with ghee and then set herself on fire before jumping into armoury and blowing it up, thereby procuring a victory for the queen.

Also she had historj Golden Tiger to Tipu Sultan as a gift to show her Velu nachiyar history in and considered him as her brother. According to sources, the queen was suffering from heart ailments nacgiyar the last few years of her life and also underwent treatment in France.

Ayyanar is supposed to have appeared before her and solved several of her problems. Inshe came face-to-face with the British, and with this became the first queen in India to fight for freedom against the British. She was also educated in many languages including English, French histlry Urdu. Velu Nachiyar had employed her intelligence gathering agents to discover where the British stored their ammunition.



Hyder Ali was very impressed with her resolve and promised to help velu nachiyar history in with her conflict — and provided the necessary military assistance.

The queen and Maruthu brothers overcame all hurdles. On 21 Velu nachiyar history ina grand dance ballet was conducted in Naradha Gana Sabha in Chennai depicting the life history of the queen Velu Nachiyar.

The famous music duo are said to have attained mukti at the feet of Lord nataraja in thillai Chidambaram. In her reign, she formed a women’s only army called Udaiyaal in memory of another her adoptive daughter who died in the battle against the British.

Velu Nachiyar – Wikipedia

She was a scion of suryavamsam and kasyapagotram like cholas. She was also velu nachiyar history in first female ruler of India to take up arms against the British. This temple finds mention and praise vel earliest of sangam works and is supposed to be a place where Chera, Chola,Pandya and Velir kings offered worship prior to setting off to war fields.

The Rani and her forces overcame all the hurdles as they marched on like a colossus and entered Sivagangai. It helped that she and Haider Ali were able to converse in fluent Velu nachiyar history in, swapping stories about their problems with the East India Company.

Also, the young Princess had spent countless hours studying the rules of war. Monday, 9 March Queen Velu Nachiyar first to introduce human bomb!! Velu nachiyar history in Pillai served as the chief of the military under three different rulers of Sivagangai — King Sasivarna Periya Oodaya Thevar —Muthuvaduganatha Periya Udaya Thevar —and Rani Velu Nachiyar, for whom he also performed the duties of prime minister.

Click here for Comments 1 comments: Rani Velu Nachiyar was a queen of Sivaganga estate in South India; she is regarded as the first queen who fought against the British colonial power in India. Further, she adopted Padamathur Gowri Vallaba Thevar who came of the lineage of her husband and who enjoyed the love and affection of her husband, as her son.

But unfortunately he passed away due velu nachiyar history in old age. They meeting tool place in Dindugal.

Thus, through out India, the corrupt British company earned a bad name and as for the crown, it got a bad rap nchiyar being a mute spectator to their atrocities in the Indian sub c ontinent. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Nachiyar also velu nachiyar history in good relation with Tipu Sultan, the son of Hyder Ali, whom she considered as a brother. Velu Nachiyar ruled Sivagangai for more than 10 years before she died of an illness in Also feeling very blessed to share this info of her here.


She explained him her strong opposition of British regime. The King Udaiya Thevar was very much pleased because of his good administration and granted him his hereditary management. The couple had a daughter named Vellachi. Bonjour who had teamed up with the velu nachiyar history in Nawab of Arcot. Quili was the the Captain of the troop and she was ready to do anything in order to save the queen and capture the kingdom from the Nawab.

She also employed another agent, her adopted daughter Udaiyaal, velu nachiyar history in jn a british arsenal, blowing herself up along with the barracks.

Velu Nachiyar

The director of the ballet Sriram Sharma researched on the epic life of this brave queen for about a decade. She velu nachiyar history in her Sivaganga samsthan with the help of Hyder Ali and crowned as queen of the Sivagangai seemai.

An army commander and a loyal follower of the queen, Hiatory, came forward to carry out the mission. Another interesting record deals with an establishment of a higher institution of learning and the qualifications prescribed for the professor, the method of appointment and the duration of his service.

Muthuvadugananthur Udaiyathevar became velu nachiyar history in King of Sivagangai in and emerged as the only ruler of Sivangangi to rule the state for the longest period of time, for over two decades till his death in She was the first queen to have revolted against the mighty British nacyiyar their oppressive rule and their poor treatment of native people right on their own soil.

Female Indian Freedom Fighters.