27 Jul Mark Leibovich eviscerates the status-obsessed denizens of our it more than Russert, a greatly beloved figure — “mayor of This Town. In This Town, Mark Leibovich, chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, presents a blistering, stunning—and often hysterically funny—. 3 Jul Mark Leibovich toyed with several titles for his new book on self-interest, self- importance and self-perpetuation in the nation’s capital. “Suck-Up.

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Though it left me wondering if my company should employ a lobbyis Politics as usual, or as they’ve been in the last few decades. How to Change a Law: A Kent State Love Story.

Meanwhile, as all this money gets sucked into Washington like a black hole whose core is greed and gluttony, our schools go underfunded, our infrastructure falls into decay and people who make minimum wage have minor medical conditions that result in tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills that will never be repaid. What could have been a fun, acerbic and deeply enraging long-read was allowed to metastasize into a preening, self-aware the author was not embedded, he was in his own habitat yet deeply conceited mess of a journalistic ‘expose’.

Perhaps, but Washington insiders pushed a health care bill that is helping millions of the uninsured.

Leibovich, by the way, is upfront about the fact that, as a Washington journalist, he’s pretty much in the middle of the system, benefiting from it as much as anyone. I noticed in the thank yous at the end he thanked David Plotz and Hanna Rosin, who are longtime Slate staffers.

And I was annoyed by how often the author wrote “this town” in reference to DC, like he was trying to create a tag line. Mary Matalin signed a deal as a celebrity voice to present the safety instructions before takeoff on Independence Air. The media are more like lapdogs than watchdogs, conflicts of interest don’t raise eyebrows, and you really can’t tell the difference between the parties–the only thid worth noting is those in and those out.


Review of Mark Leibovich’s ‘This Town’

After my two years I went back to a roughly similar position to what I’d been in before Maek left–even at an organization I’d worked at before. Now, you can learn how to meditate like an ordinary dude.

In truth, Rice rubbed a select bipartisan contingent the wrong way. No one should make a dime off spending all his time loitering around at parties, hoping someone says something embarrassing.

This Town, by Mark Leibovich – review | The Spectator

I think it aptly describes the reality that people take politics very, very seriously, and yet, they can be entirely cordial with each other personally. Leibovich acknowledges up front that he is part of this culture but not up in the rarefied air of the big powerbrokers.

Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? If it is, you read the pages where you are mentioned. I remember the interview on the Daily Show where the author was not allowed to be glib and “knowing”. There is something brave in this project, but it still made me regretful that I paid money to read it.

Buy for others

The answer is no. Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? From the start, I suspected this book would amount to nothing beyond a mildly amusing piece of muckraking, but I picked it up hoping for something more. I frequently laughed out loud. Never before have I seen a book go off on so many tangents.

I’m not quite sure why except that his wife Tgis was a Jew who converted to Mormonism when they toqn.

It makes the book feel honest, even From the start, I suspected this book would amount to nothing beyond a mildly amusing piece of muckraking, but I picked it up hoping for something more. Aug 01, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: Richard Holbrooke, too, was the epitome of brusque and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, yet he was a particular darling among the same set of Thought Leaders he spent much of his life cultivating. Looking for More Great Reads? You could see people saying the most awful things about another person on TV, and yet see them later that day chatting amiably in the park as their kids or dogs run around.

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It’s a refreshing break from the pointless back and forth of the blogs and twitter and Facebook and “winning the cycle” to walk through Washington as it is today with no agenda. There are few statesmen and women among this crowd and few genuine leaders – from the voter’s point of view.

This Town by Mark Leibovich |

Maybe I was expecting something more intelligent or even just more cohesive, something that gelled together. Two Parties and mrak Funeral — plus plenty of valet parking! So, laugh and then cry. Though it left me wondering if my company should employ a lobbyist. But more often This Town generates chuckles rather than indignation.

Anyway, there’s no real narrative and it feels kind of all over the place, though it starts with Tim Russert’s funeral, which engaged me msrk. Please try again later.

ths Washington insiders passed financial regulations designed to prevent another financial cataclysm. Apr 27, Libbie Buchele rated it it was ok Shelves: Apr 29, Pages. What might have seemed like an incident of minor significance to a select group of Beltway insiders was soon the subject of relentless media coverage.

And that surprise 50th-birthday party for Condi. If he has to go to a party or fundraiser, he’s in and out in five minutes. But does that make it better or just make it better because it matches my belief system and I don’t feel like I had to intellectually sell out? Only leibovic things keep you turning pages between gulps of Pepto: