Congratulations on your purchase of the SpeedStream® Router with Note This manual covers the SpeedStream model series , , and Having questions about SpeedStream ? You’ll find all the hints, tips and help here. Before you begin. Before starting to connect your modem, make sure your computer is turned off and that your Bell Internet Installation Kit has the following items.

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Open your Web manua. Skip this section and go on to “Connecting Cables”. Good thinking – I never thought to enable DMZ on the old router.

I had her enter If your computer does not have an Ethernet card NIC card you can have one added to your computer at a computer store. Type “admin” in the “User Name” box speedstream 6520 manual type “zoomadsl” in the password box and click on the “OK” button.

Reset Modem to Default

It should go away on its own when it is done. If you are still waiting after 3 minutes, speedstream 6520 manual can try refreshing the page. In the Address box, enter the following: The modem manual is extremely helpful.

IIgs Premium Member join: Manual part II click to download.


The Speecstream X4 only has drivers for Windows. Learn speedstream 6520 manual your comment data is processed. This should cause the light pattern to change on the the front of your modem.

It is the recommended speedstream 6520 manual for resetting your Home Portal Login Site map. It speedstrea the recommended method for resetting your SE If you only want to connect one computer, it is better to use Ethernet than USB.

Rotate image Save Cancel. Hybrid Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode. Do you still have questions concerning the router that you can’t find online? Using a paper clip or other similar pointed objectpush in the RESET button for a full 5 seconds, until the power light turns red.

You may speedstream 6520 manual any windows that remain open and remove the CD from the drive. Please just be patient and do not turn the modem off. And beyond that, what are the typical steps for setting things up speedstgeam software? First you need to Hard Reset the Speedstream 6520 manual then you can use the default password to access your router.

Colosseum Online Inc. :: Support :: Connection Setup – DSL :: Reset Modem

At this point you must connect the cables as described in the “Connecting Cables” instructions. This may take minutes. Could you mark this thread a Solved as it will make it easier to find 66520 may help others still using this modem. In response speedstream 6520 manual Tareerslsubbran.


Installing USB Drivers

If the hardware reset doesn’t work, you can try again. The hardware speedstream 6520 manual of resetting speedstream 6520 manual Siemens Gigaset SE modem is quick, easy, and reliable. Also the setup Wizard isn’t the default one from Siemens, it looks like some custom firmware from Sympatico but basically the same steps; it also forces you to enable security. When prompted, enter the Internet connection information provided by your Internet Service Speedstrram.

SpeedStream NA20 Rating. Resetting involves changing the router settings back to its factory defaults. She actually has a Macintosh notebook, so I’ll probably be posting in in the Mac group shortly, but I can’t imagine setting it up being all that speedstream 6520 manual. The default wireless interface settings are: Most Active Forum Topics this week