Jacket Design: Vikas Studio 1V02M Rs 35 ISBN 7 REMINISCENCES OF THE NEHRU AGE Reminiscences of the Nehru Age M.O. Mathai. – Buy Reminiscences of the Nehru Age book online at best prices in india on Read Reminiscences of the Nehru Age book reviews. Written by , who had served as Nehru’s special assistant (Personal Assistant – PA) for almost a decade & a half (between & ), it gives the.

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When a number of friends urged me to write my reminiscences, I said “Either I shall write without inhibition or not at all” In reminiscence of nehru age this book I have been largely guided by the philosophy contained in the Introduction to Vol.

Much later the woman arrived at the residence of the minister in New Reminiscence of nehru age with her baggage and demanded the right to stay there zge as a servant— much to the embarrass- ment of the minister and his wife.

This experiment is not to be under- taxen by ordinary mortals. Malliah should decide the amount to be given to her. I was annoyed and I also lost my temper. When the typed copy and the reminiscence of nehru age draft were delivered to me by the PA, I con- sulted Roget’s International Thesaurus and went to Nehru.

They were discussing Nehru’s note dtod 6 Januarycopies of which were distrfbnted only to Gandhui and Patel. House- India – pages. As everyone knows, Nehru was the draftsman of the Congress regardless of who was its President.


This was reported to the PM. Strange- ly enough Rajendra Prasad, who had presided over the deliberations of the Constituent Assembly and was aware of the reminiscende in that august House, developed some doubts, while sitting in Rashtrapati Bhawan, about the powers and functions of reminiscence of nehru age President.

Full text of “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age by-M-O-Mathai”

Death by assassination claimed Gandhiji at 5. I took less than reminiscence of nehru age week. These I redrafted for his signature. She was a Muslim girl from Nagpur and was working in the government. But then we all know that everyone has two grandfathers, the paternal and the material grandfather. Gandhiji had already heard about me from Rajkumari Amrit Kaur.

It had dis- astrous consequences; and the country and its people had to pay a very heavy price for adopting Gandhian economic. Afe Prime Minister kept my letter of resignation pending for six days.

His experience in Southeast Asia, including India, during wartime made him a liberal despite his aristocratic background reminiscence of nehru age loyalty to Winston Churchill.

We were staying at the Claridges Hotel. He wound up by saying, “All the countries of the world might feel so vulnerable that, cowed by fear, they might at last be content to live in peace.

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I said I was in no need of money reminiscejce, in order to satisfy him on this reminiscence of nehru age, I disclosed to him the extent of my finances. You can also inform the Cabinet about this. I replied that there was no time to lose. He is the head of state and holds the highest political honour that a nation can bestow.


It is true that I have been instrumental in the appointment of innumerable ministers, governors and non-official ambassadors— none of them related to me. If he reminiscence of nehru age that he could impose it, he was sadly mistaken. We felt yesterday that there was no appreciation of these con- sequences.

View or edit your browsing history. I went off to Simla with the premonition that I would never see him again. Sarojini Naidu once reminiscence of nehru age, -Many will never know how much it cost to keep that old man in poverty. He wrote Nehru’s first name as “Jawaharial.

From then on, to Nehru and the members of his wider family I was Mac. That reminiscence of nehru age Mohan who is still in the PM’s secretariat and continues to embarrass me by calling me father.

Gandhiji had been advocating decontrol of foodgrains and other essential items reminiscence of nehru age daily use, reminiscence of nehru age the scrapping of rationing soon after the Government of India passed into Indian hands, even though the food situation was very critical. V of his monumental thirteen- volume work, Napoleon et sa Famille, by Frederic Masson. At the Conference yesterday I rerTerred to this again and we were glad to find that you and your colleagues, as well as the other members of the conference, accepted Independence as the basis of our talks.