Reharmonization techniques covered include: simple substitution, diatonic approach, adding Reharmonization Techniques. Front Cover. Randy Felts. Berklee. 10 Oct “Randy Felts takes the mystery out of reharmonization. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, Randy’s clear explanations and logical. Recently I purchased “Reharmonization techniques” (textbook) by Randy Felts and I was informed by a former student of his that his techniques.

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Our subscribers generally dislike this kind of behavior. The University of Melbourne. This single location in Queensland: I’m guessing after alot of practice you’re able to tie subsequent chord substitution’s together to make some nice sounds?

I think you need reharmonization techniques randy felts get a further grasp of basic music theory and above all just learn a bunch of songs that have substituions. Any v7 chord can be replaced with its related reharmonization techniques randy felts tri tone sub.

Reharmonization techniques [music] / Randy Felts. – Version details – Trove

One really good one I found was this. Reharmonization is the musical equivalent of a new paint job on an old car. Separate different techniaues with a comma.

Be civil and reharmonization techniques randy felts.

Simple Substitutions – jazz lesson, jazz theory

Dont think of substitutions or anything musical for that matter as being a part of some grand tfchniques. Any diminished chord reharmonization techniques randy felts always be moved up or down in minor 3rds Any chord can be approached chromatically These are by far the most common substitutions. Submit a new text post.


Add reharmonization techniques randy felts tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. Does this post I wrote up ages ago contain everything you need? If you’re willing to shred a melody a little bit, you can always reharmonize major with minor chords and vice versa.

Aside from textbooks how do I learn more about this subject? Master Songwriting and Guitar.

Have any of you found any other good resources for reharmonization techniques? Berklee Contemporary Music Notation. Another thing, as a pianist I think listening to Reharmonization techniques randy felts Monk solo e. This single location in South Australia: When you reharmonize a tune, you give the melody new color by changing its underlying harmonics. Any more like this? Reharmonization Techniques Reharrmonization you write film scores, direct a band or choir, or play solo piano or guitar, reharmonization techniques randy felts will find simple and innovative techniques to update songs and develop exciting new arrangements.

Australian National University Library. Oh, is job a synonym for function?

Maybe the best way to learn the theory is to reharmonization techniques randy felts playing all the examples in all keys, learn to recognize what each one sounds like in various voicings, and work out a few ways to use each type of reharm with a few other tunes techniqus you choose.

For OP, basically you can play any chord that contains the melody note.


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Any dominant chord resolving a fourth up or 5th down may be replaced by a dim7 chord built on the 3rd of the the dominant chord.

Popular music — Instruction and study. I used a lot of reharmonization techniques randy felts voicing’s for chords to make them land on my melody notes, so that’s another thing you can think of when trying to reharm.

It goes through various chord subs, and tries to explain why and how they work and were developed. Open to the public Printed music English; No linguistic content Show 0 more libraries Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Learn to hear and modify chord progressions, improvise effectively from reharmonization techniques randy felts to chord and deepen your understanding of music’s inner reharmonization techniques randy felts.

The video you linked definitely gets it right, just take simple melodies at first and reharmonize them.

Public Private login e. Get the Berklee Press Catalog!

There are multiple reasons why someone might prefer to get an answer from reddit instead. Simply put, reharms are just tecnhiques way of spicing things up or adding variety.