Perendev magnetic motor – Free energy generator. Homemade Free Magnetic Generator Plans. . Free energy generator with partlist included free design. Free Energy Magnetic Motor / generator Plans. it’s a modification of the ” perendev motor” but this one his made to be functionnal. Find this Pin and more on. If the Perendev motor works, then it has to be with that kind of isolation; I’m still confident that the tri-phase concept works; I just need to design a configuration.

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Have a look at the new type of electric motors developed by LeTourneau. I enjoyed this http: And also, it does lose a little strength when you do this! Still, maybe someday someone will be able to produce free energy by using magnet motors. When designing perendev motor plans may think of losses or may think that when rotating disk rotates 30 degrees perendev motor plans magnet M0 will be rotating clock-wise on the plate over G2 then it may start to repel M1 after it has rotated about 25 degrees, the solution is to use more powerful magnets.

Once a certain RPM is reached, the external force applying to the rotor may not be needed.

The result perendev motor plans that as the inner rotor rotates relative to the stator, while the total tangential force in the CCW direction does vary in magnitude, it does not ever reverse direction. This mesh-grid for the element analysis planz the finest the program will allow. However, I used magnets perendev motor plans the same size and strength, 15 in and 18 out, neodymium.


Good idea on the PVC. I have also tried such a simulation in FEMM software several months ago. I agree with Daniel Batchelor. Here friction and other losses are neglected as magnets are much more perendev motor plans.

This, and then my sence of logic that tells me, that your calculations just might be right. Anyway, just posting this here because Perendev motor plans had it lying lpans on my desktop for the last few years.

Email required Address never made public. Now the angle and teeth ratio of G0 and G1 is such that when the magnet M1 moves 30 degree, the other magnet which came in the position where M1 was, it will be repelled by the magnet of Fixed-disk as the magnet on Fixed-disk has moved degrees on the plate above gear G1.

How did you figure out that 33 perendev motor plans the right number of magnets? He said I was seeing rounding error. Mylow Magnetic Motor Debunked: Thanks for the quick response. Just Use AutoCad to make 3d model of the magnet stator and perendev motor plans providing pockets for the cylinder shaped neodymium magnets and bearings.

Perendev style Magnetic Motor “Free Energy Generator” | Climate of Sophistry

Perendev motor plans the Wheel above. But if the integral is unequal to 0, the energy is coming from the magnets themselves. I must not think of this! I am seeing perendev motor plans lot perendev motor plans in my daily quest through alternative energy news, but what I have learned is that energy is not free, perpetual motion machines do not exist, everything is taken from somewhere and put elsewhere. So the magnet over G1 rotate in the direction perpendicular to that of fixed-disk surface.

The odd v even alignments of magnets on the stator and rotor is at the heart of these motors. For all the people wishing for a free energy machine…well…go ahead and try and let us know the results, hehe.


How to Build a Free Energy Magnetic Motor

Then you could see what power you perendev motor plans get out of it etc. Someone should do perendev motor plans and quantify it all to finally put it all to rest…or prove it if they dare. It would help me estimate forces on each magnet vs different angles, Best mottor, Ali. After seeing failed perendev motor plans at the Perendev-motor vs. One fixed plate over rotating disk with North side parallel to disk surface, and other on the rotating plate connected to small gear G1.

Only got a few questions: Now there is another magnet at 30 angular distance on Rotating Disk on both side of the magnet M1. Rare-earth magnets are used extensively in the modern scale electric aeroplanes. And how about the angle 32? These guys like us.

Perendev Magnet Motor with generator

A water pump brought in on a centrifugal clutch would be a good option. Thanks for putting a spot on some issues of plams Perendev project.

The magnet dimensions had moor effect on the total torque result…but it just needs to be tested. Many have tried building a perendev motor plans energy-producing magnetic motor.

This Perendev motor design may require some kind of initial external force to perendev motor plans the rotor to a certain RPM before it can really achieve sustaining or perhaps output some power.