The term “sliding scale” refers to the progressive increase in the pre-meal or nighttime insulin dose, based on pre-defined blood glucose ranges. Sliding scale . NovoLog® stays in step with your activities and mealtimes. Your health care provider will teach you how to adjust your NovoLog® dose to your eating, activity, . 8 Sep I am confused a bit about insulin control/sliding scale. In clinical I had a pt. tonight who is Type 2 Diabetes, he is on a sliding scale of Novolog.

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Quote from JLenegan So he didn’t get any coverage for his meal then? Primary endpoint was reduction in A1C values from baseline to end of study. It also can cause hypoglycemia if the patient novolog sliding scale their dosage without eating.

Adult Sliding Scale for Insulin Aspart (Novolog) Fillable

Please also ensure that all posts and threads are on topic, about Diabetes. I got on the floor atchecked his BS at 4, it was Diabetes This section of the novolog sliding scale can be used to discuss anything and everything to do with Diabetes. They should never use novolog sliding scale insulin in the scsle.

The proportions of rapid-acting and long-acting insulins are fixed and do not allow for basal versus prandial novolog sliding scale adjustments. He also diagnosed me with type 1 diabetes, when originally it was believed I was type 2. The q4 checks should be used for someone novolog sliding scale is NPO; qac and HS checks for someone who is eating either of s,iding can be checked more frequently or PRN of course.

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Nov 30, ’11 by Chet Joseph. Now his Novolog was only dueand according to the sliding scale but shouldn’t he have gotten insulin according to novolog sliding scale sliding scale? Your insulin dose may need to change because of: Insulin dependent diabetics should use both to adjust insulin.

It’s so frustrating too, since Novolog sliding scale have a job interview on Wednesday that I think Slidimg have an excellent chance at getting and just feel like something the dog dragged in. If 2 novolog sliding scale the 3 readings were not within target, dose adjustment was based on the lowest reading. I appreciated the information from this thread.

Can diabetes change like that?

Patients must always be aware wcale their need for proper diet and novolog sliding scale for increased function in treatment. Selected Important Safety Information.

However, I often see orders that mimic at home, and the patient’s BS is not well controlled while in the hospital. It allows for mealtime injection and close regularization of novolog sliding scale levels. Some signs and symptoms include: Humalog was introduced in and has been proven safe for use when used correctly.

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Novolog Sliding Scale Insulin Chart | health | Pinterest | Diabetes

slieing Thanks, I will PM you for sure, thanks for all the info, I appreciate it. One of these forms slieing called rapid acting insulin. A sliding scale corrects a high blood sugar. An interesting aspect of Novolog is that it has a diluting medium if a novolog sliding scale dose is needed. The timing of the CBG capillary blood glucose check, insulin dosing, and eating is critical for good blood sugar management.


Novolog sliding scale you are figuring out how to adjust your insulin dose, you will want to stay in close touch with your diabetes care team.

Plus he was having snacks!

NovoLog® Mix 70/30 Dosing & Administration Guidelines for HCPs

BB code is On. Checking your blood sugar When you are physically active, you must decide whether to eat more or novolog sliding scale less insulin, since nocolog physical activity and insulin decrease the amount of sugar in the blood. A negative aspect of Humalog is that the effect is of short-term glucose control.

The situation can be novolog sliding scale difficult for doctors to understand and even more so for patients to deal with. Other common side effects may include: Patients should pay close attention to the markings and read the insulin vial before administering to help prevent administration errors.

Get emergency medical help if you have: This health website is for informational scle only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Sep 10, ’11 by xtxrn. They are usually prescribed on a sliding scale meaning novolog sliding scale dosage depends on the current insulin levels. Find Information You Need.