Why I Am Not a Hindu has ratings and 21 reviews. Priya said: Casteism is an evil that has been prevalent in our country for ages though this has most. 6 Apr WHY I AM NOT A HINDU, A SUDRA CRITIQUE OF HINDUTVA, PHILOSOPHYM CULTURE AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. 19 Apr Who – or what – is a Hindu? There are no easy answers to this question. From the Oxford English Dictionary: Hinduism: A major religious and.

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Only if you write this book will people feel about our brothers and sisters in telengana like the way you do. Why not the Sikhs who do not treat you well?

Why I Am Not a Hindu

Why are the Brahmins still cribbing about what happened so much in the past e. Its discipline that which makes a community or people successful.

Even when muslims and the british were ruling india the brahmins were ruling us. We shall explore the meaning of Shudra and associated terms like Daas, Dasyu and Kancha ilaiah why i am not a hindu, which are often confused to be synonyms, in subsequent articles. So you may conclude that while Agniveer. The likes of Kancha Ilaiah are exactly the kind of people responsible for all the hate crime and violence kancha ilaiah why i am not a hindu around in this world and as long as such people ,ancha such venom, religious violence will remain a big part of humanity.


I am Jasvankumar V. Dear Bhaskar, As I said in my review, it is very difficult to generalise in India — the culture is so varied. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Now before i lose my head, bye-bye Chumber. In the book, he argues that Hinduism, with its focus on upper caste gods, values, and culture, is a patriarchal and fascist religion and worldview.

And why do you call hindus as manuwadis — i already told you to go burn manusmrithi, who cares abt it but an immature fool like you, who always mentions abt winning and losing like a despicable narcissist.

Sita is complete herself. Lists with This Book.

Vedic religion means considering 4 Vedas as divine just as Muslims consider Quran as divine and Christians consider Bible as divine. Mar 06, Raman Ramanathan rated it it was amazing.

Kancha Ilaiah – Why I am not a Hindu | Dalit Nation – The Only Authentic Voice of Dalits

This bears witness to the fact that how much standardisation the term has undergone over the years: ALso dalits have been discriminated not just by Hindus but by christians and muslims also.

A radical take on caste, class, culture and religion from the viewpoint of oppressed classes.

But many of those moved on to create a better future for themselves. Ilaiah denies that Sudra religion is a part of Kancha ilaiah why i am not a hindu, or that Sudra culture is a part of Hindu society, but that is almost self evidently false. The work of uploading the material has already started and should be completed within the next couple of months.

However, historically Hindus have managed to incorporate Dalits into their worldview at a very low level, not even allowing them the common human dignities — a position the Dalits seems to have largely accepted till recently. For about three thousand years you people learnt only how to teach and what to teach kancha ilaiah why i am not a hindu — the Dalitbahujans. Rama left Sita in forest after se became pregnant and she delivered er two kids in forest.


There is interesting fact that when the treacherous bramin priest went to Mohammad Bin Kasim to fulfil his promise. If you like the British so much, then perhaps, this is not the place for you.


The word does not exist in any Indian language. As I have already discussed, the tapping of a toddy tree layer by layer, involves enormous knowledge and engaged application besides physical and mental skill.

Hinduism says, even though Ravan is brahmin, if he is evil, he be destroyed. Chumber, have you ever wondered why Christian Aid spends so much money in India? This must stop by telling the truth! In the brahminical economy Dalitbahujan labour male or female even if it is produced for market consumption has no value.

I have always been on an equal footing with everyone.