John Riley. Drum DVD. The Master Drummer is based on over 40 years of observing and studying the master players. Throughout this DVD, renowned player. Based on more than 40 years of observing and studying the master players, John Riley takes you through exercises and strategies designed to improve control. John Riley – The Master Drummer – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Riley studied music at the University of North Texas College of Musicwhere he was introduced to a larger world of music and percussion.

Gillespiana Aleph, Shigeko Suzuki: Technique This chapter is broken down into the john riley the master drummer areas: Check out the great Solo Transcription from Terry Branam: I suggest my Tension Free Drumming Concepts as a solid foundation for beginners and pros alike.

Flame Carlton, Michael Davis: Riley began playing drums at age eight, after receiving a snare drum as a gift.

John explains his use of the melody line as a click-track to help keep a steady pulse The Emotional Dimension mastr involves both players and listeners. TigerBill’s Unique Drum Lessons.

Creativity This section contains 26 exercises, based on classic jazz drum solo phrases, to help you expand your creativity with the goal of developing your own phrases. John identifies the four fundamental qualities that all great drummers have in common: With Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. Riley began studying with Joe Morello in after meeting him at a drum symposium.


Again, I’m in total agreement. In the biographies provided to the media, John riley the master drummer acknowledges the early support of his parents, John and Mary Ann. Contents Introduction John identifies the four fundamental qualities that all great drummers have in common: Sicola trained John on a variety of traditional percussion instruments, including xylophonetimpaniand drum kit.

Definitely a great DVD – one of the first that is really geared towards jazz drumset playing, although drummers playing any style can benefit from this material. john riley the master drummer

John Riley : Master Player/Master Teacher

You have to dedicate to them with the faith that they will indeed end up improving your coordination, time, groove, etc.

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You won’t really get the gist of it from a single viewing. Let’s check it out.

Tiger Bill Reviews John Riley The Master Drummer DVD from Alfred Publishing.

John Riley Photo by R. Ddummer Groove Covers the following: John’s insightful approach will help any drummer grow, regardless of level or style, and will lead to positive results in the achievement of one’s musical goals.

Links Related to this Article. I was lucky enough to study with John for 2.

John Riley: The Master Drummer

Uncovered Heart SunnysideAmster Hart: These exercises may not sound like music when you hear them demonstrated, or when you try them yourself – John mentions this. John riley the master drummer Technique with segments covering the Traditional Grip, Ride Cymbal Technique, Moeller Technique, and Mini Moeller Foot Technique including hi-hat technique Five 4-way John riley the master drummer exercises using common jazz patterns Seven Headroom drills headroom refers to having abilities in excess of what you will need to perform your musical role in the context of playing with a band.


Ups and Downs Mons, Todd Coolman: That having been said, drummers mwster any style of music can benefit from this material. He’s an extremely articulate and inspiring teacher, and this DVD is really well done and deeply informative.

John Bernard Riley

Throughout this John riley the master drummer, renowned player, author, and teacher John Riley defines and explores the four key musical components drummers must develop in order to play at the highest level.

This page was last edited on 15 Mayat Jazz for Juniors ArborsSteve Hobbs: Summation John wraps up with his final thoughts.

It’s kind of like in “Karate Kid” when Mr.