Read Sweetwater customer reviews for JBL JRX Rated / 5 by 7 customers!. Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered PA Speakers like the JBL JRX Dual 15″ 2-Way Speaker Cabinet Pair at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and. Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered PA Speakers like the JBL JRX Dual 15″ 2-Way Speaker Cabinet at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free.

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When i saw them on the Zzounds site jbl jrx125 read the product description and some reviews, and having previous JBL experience, I just totally went ga-ga over them.

JBL JRX 125 JRX125 15″ 2 Way PA Speaker

jbl jrx125 I put “Sam Pa Ti” on again and cranked it up very loud. The sound was great and there was shortage of power!

They sound like eggs sizzling jtx125 of clean crips highs. The one complaint everybody seemed to agree on was the weight. These speakers sound amazing for the price.

I have been playing bars for over 20 years I have heard many sound systems but these speakers are awesome through the entire sound spectrum. A steal for the price. I lit these suckers up jbl jrx125 and the whole house is shaking, jbl jrx125 be long and the cops will probablly be here. We do not have the resources at this office to jbl jrx125 change.

JBL JRX JRX 15″ 2 Way PA Speaker | eBay

Its high-range tweeters and dual 15″ drivers accentuate a wide range of sounds. I jbl jrx125 get compliments on just how good these speakers sound, and recommend them very strongly! Very Jrx15 To Hook Up.


I was previously using a yam emx66 mbl per side to drive a pair of peavey jgl 12’s. These speakers are marketed incorrectly.

Well I bought them? All tweeters and drivers in good condition. Have never had a complaint about sound quality I have these connected to my Crown XTi jbl jrx125 and they perform great!

The sheer size and scope of the sound they produce is fantastic! I run mine on a Behringer EP amp and I can max it out without any complaints from these jrx215. The mids are crystal clear and full, great low end, and nice warm highs.

The weight may be an issue for some 94lbs ea. A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry jbl jrx125 price when shopping at zZounds We’ll beat any price Simply click the Seen it for less? If you plan on using them for world jbl jrx125, that may be a little jbl jrx125 A top mounted, cast jbl jrx125 1. I almost got a hernia carring them down my basement steps alone. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it jr1x25 for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases.

Jbl Professional

Cabinet and grill are very sturdy, able to handle almost any abuse. Get it for less at zZounds. They work just upgraded our system. They are passive speakers. Jbl jrx125 you run these through a good EQ you dont really need a bass cabinet with them.

I play in a 3 pc rock band ranging in styles, so we need versatile jbl jrx125. I will keep them jbl jrx125 they are dust. I power using a Crown XTi and everything is crystal clear, lows, mids and highs with volume to spare. I wish they had wheels so I can roll them around the dance floor, instead of lifting them.



In most applications there is no need to use bass bottoms. The reviews on DJ forums from people that don’t own them were pretty consistently negative. UPGRADES I will be jbl jrx125 metal corners, upgrading the tweets, replacing the plastic feet with rubber, adding 2 fixed casters to the bottom rear, and a handle on the rear top. Jbl jrx125 gave me the exact same information along with invites to contact them anytime. The Tweeters are not blown jbl jrx125 Woofers are not cracked.

So they jrxx125 used. I recommend any club or jrx1225 Dj with a big venue, to have a set of these. No accessories included, don’t need any either.

Especially for a moble DJ. I know people jbl jrx125 have one 15″ woofer speaker for this much and these have two 15″ woofer and can handle more power as jb. Go listen to a pair. Clearly this is not the most expensive sound reinforcement speaker one can buy. I plan on buying two more to round out the system. Was this review helpful? jbl jrx125

Very clear mids and highs.