Annette Simmons is inspirational about the power of story. I was reading the book as a ministry leader, rather than as a professional speaker. It reminded me of. 15 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Story Factor Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art Annette Simmons at Group Process Consulting. 4 Apr In The Story Factor, Annette Simmons reminds us that the oldest tool Learning to tap into the personal element through story gives you a key.

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The first criterion of a good story is, Can they trust you? I got this book from a training class that highlighted storytelling as an effective communication tool.

It is packed with wonderful tales that will cause you to evaluate life from a different perspective: Annette simmons the story factor had friends tell me they think storytelling is a strength of mine.

Storytelling Book Review: The Story Factor (Annette Simmons)

Why did betamax lose, note because the specs were worse than VHS. Story annette simmons the story factor hold complexity and even contradiction and paradox in a way that facts can’t. I was almost finished with the book when, three days before the all-hands conference during which we were – among other activities – going to Here’s a funny story about how I came to read this book.

Learning to tap into the personal element through story gives you a key to the social system. It did enlighten me to the power of storytelling annette simmons the story factor for that it was worth the read. Aug 11, Linda Sands added it. I think of David McCullough’s quote from Undaunted – about how we can have all the facts and miss the Truth in history whereas we can have limited facts or incorrect facts and reach a larger Truth.

Tell fadtor story well and you will create a shared experience with your listeners that can have profound and lasting results.

Explaining storytelling is annette simmons the story factor explaining a kitten.

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Book Review: The Story Factor (Annette Simmons)

They fail to cut-through and communicate. She argues that trying to explain how and why a story works cactor some simple principles is like dissecting a kitten to see why it is cute.

Other simmoms – View all The Story Factor: May 27, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: By doing so, we reconnect with all the energy, passion and authority it once held. Email required Address never made public.

Stories spread — A story is like a virus — it grows rapidly and gets spread easily.

A story builds rapport — Storytelling helps us find a common point of connection as they will find their own unique personal connection into our story Humans listen to other peoples stories to validate their own story. This is an incredibly good book, explaining very clearly how to use the power of stories to help people see things your way.

Thanks to this article I bought the Story Factor and it has helped me tremendously. The link is messed annette simmons the story factor, however. Who is it for? As one would expect from a book about storytelling, it is very light on scientifically driven evidence. When we expose these inconsistencies we demonstrate our authenticity — and this allows a deeper point of connection with the listener.

I discovered this public speaking book two years ago in my Toastmasters club library. Jul 17, Jocelyn Paige rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anyone who has an interest in how storytelling can be used for more effective communication in business as well as personal situations should annette simmons the story factor this book. No specific techniques or tips that could improve my skills as a storyteller.

Truth, naked and cold, had been turned away from every door in the village. The new chapter in the paperback edition, ‘Story Thinking as a Skill’, was certainly the c Anyone who has an annette simmons the story factor in how storytelling can be used for more effective communication in business as well as personal situations should read this book. Oct 29, John Kaufmann rated it really liked it Shelves: Stories reframe meaning — Stories can be used to help shift perspective in a subtle mannerallowing us to reframe the meaning we put onto something.


There is no one-size-fits-all formula or approach to storytelling, and as the author writes in the last paragraph of the book – ‘Agility improves with practice and coaching. Story can do that better than rational logic.

Feb 16, Brett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Clothe the truth in parable and it is What did I learn from this book? I came away with annette simmons the story factor little bit more of appreciation for story and what it can do, but that’s about it.

He asked the annette simmons the story factor, What are you doing? That strategy may work in the short-term, but will eventually lead to failure. The Naked Presenter Garr Reynolds. If you tell them a story that makes annette simmons the story factor sense to them you can reframe the way they organize their thoughts, the meanings they draw, and thus the actions they take.

In this hyper-competitive, techno-centric and results-oriented environment, it is easy to forget that all organizations are social systems and that work is personal. A how-to book on influencing others that begins with self-reflection and the anntte required to project authenticity and believability.

Stories help people remember in a way that facts and statistics often don’t. The six stories annetre need to know how to tell to help influence others Who I am story Why I am here story The vision story Teaching stories Values in action stories I know what you are thinking stories Who I am stories Trust — Trust is a key driver of influence.

Having an insight into how another person is thinking or feeling is key to drive engagement.