1 Jun Aag Ka Darya By Qurat Ul Ain Hairder Part 1. Topics Novel, Aag Ka Darya, Qurat Ul Ain Haider. Collection opensource. Language Urdu. Aag Ka Darya – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Description: An Awesome Novel by Quarat-ul-Ain describing the life of. Aag Ka Darya Novel 3 Volumes By Qurat ul Ain Haider Pdf Free Download Aag Ka Darya Novel Complete 3 Volumes Authored By Qurat ul Ain Haider. “Aag ka.

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After that I found my interest waning as the balance of the text gave way to extensive dialogue, which I had trouble focusing on. Lucknow takes center stage during the British Raj, Independence and Partition eras.

Apr 20, Lillian rated it it aag ka dariya novel ok. It may not be as delightful for a person with no background in this field. Jan 20, Shaikh Javed rated it it was amazing.

A novel that evolves in the grey area and does not talk in absolutes is a pretty rare thing in Urdu, and for that Urdu will always be grateful to Qurat ul Ain Haider for that. In different eras, different relations from among aag ka dariya novel four — romance and war, possession and dispossession. Well, you aag ka dariya novel expect a white person like me to render that accurately, can you. It demanded a great deal of effort to read it in Urdu, for like most forth generations of the post-colonial countries, our attachment with and command over our l If a novel forces you to stop now and then, and consider daria own life and it’s extensions and from where it got bovel, then there should be no doubt about the eloquent depth of that novel.

Open Preview See a Problem? My head kept shivering and my spine felt a wave when I finally finished. Nov 11, Savir Husain Khan rated it it daariya amazing. Set aag ka dariya novel four Indian epochs the classical, the medieval, the colonial, and the modern post-nationalthe novel is aag ka dariya novel meditation on history and human nature, tracing four souls through time.

Apr 24, Raghu rated it liked it Shelves: Those who want to read this extra ordinary novel must keep in mind that this novel is going to require a re-read.

This is a philosophically enriched novel with few original and extraordinary point of view on the Partition of India and Israel’s ideology.

This story happened during the glorious days of Awadh and revolved around its cultural and linguistic superiorities. Apr 19, Rohan rated it really liked it. I will write my complete review of this book after reading English version of this book.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But aag ka dariya novel me, the weaving around of different ideologies around the lives of ordinary people, portraying the effect of those ideologies on the outlook of their lives and then again how these ordinary people observe the even more ordinary or rather impoverished people in the context of those ideologies was something truly spectacular and something that gives it an edge over one hundred years of solitude.

Despite the breadth of history covered in the novel, Hyder does not shy away from the details. An amazing, sui generis book, River of Fire spans two and a half millennia. At aag ka dariya novel, Haider also offers insights from the mind of those who are oppressing people.

See 1 question about River of Fireā€¦.

River of Fire: Aag Ka Darya

He finds himself at various aag ka dariya novel and he is bothered by the questions whose horizons lie outside the theological and philosophical discourses that he is taught. I am holding a hammer in my hand and I am imagining how did they feel who left their aag ka dariya novel behind to be called Pakistani but they were humiliated here. Hope I can aag ka dariya novel day gather the strength to read it in Urdu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nov 22, Kookie rated it really liked it.

I thought the first half did a great job of establishing the characters aab much of the history – especially focusing on the Hindu and Buddhist roots, as well as the British occupation – but once it reaches the 20th century it bogged down for me. In short, the effort was well qag it, both in terms of meaning and linguistics. Feb 19, Madhu Bazaz Wangu rated it liked it. Fortune favored my jumping in only after I had imbibed a few footnotes on Upanishads and Mughal and post-partition, so I have her to thank as well.

Hassan Qadeer Butt: Aag ka Darya (The River of Fire) by Qurat ul Ain Haider- Book Review

darija Did I disgrace this text through my fumbling engagement? Aag ka dariya novel 11, Greeshma rated it really liked it. It demanded a great deal of effort to read it in Urdu, for like most forth generations of the post-colonial countries, our attachment with and command over our language is pretty shallow.

That invincibility when you know you control all, you can conquer all. The flowing k which she uses as an emblem of th I can easily imagine Qurratulain Hyder rejoicing with culmination at having written Aag Ka Darya.


Although motivations and imagination are explored throughout, I never found much satisfaction in them. We are never sure how and where the lines are exactly drawn.

Outside of Gautam existing to tell me the woes of his empire, outside of Champa telling me the similarities between the Turks and the Persians and how they both inspired Delhi, I do not feel like they think much. I’ll admit that much of this book – both from a social and historic perspective – went a bit over my head, as mostly all of Indian culture and history aag ka dariya novel pretty unknown to me, and the book doesn’t waste much time with footnotes there are a handful.

Five stars for the concept. If a novel forces you to aag ka dariya novel now and then, and consider your own life aag ka dariya novel it’s extensions and from where it got extended, then there should be no doubt about the eloquent depth of that novel. She also received the Padma Bhushan from the Government of India in This gives the story a sense of seamless transition, as the turbulent forces of history churn these four characters into a vortex of politics and power.

I just want to rip my shirt and want to start dirge that I really don’t know history where am I standing right now.

Aag Ka Darya By Qurat Ul Ain Hairder Part 1

Immaculate research, absorbing characters and beautiful Urdu prose are what make Aag Ka Darya the aag ka dariya novel it is. Aug 14, Aaf Nawaz rated it it was amazing. This theme is carried wag throughout the novel by Qurat ul Ain aag ka dariya novel great depth. Books by Qurratulain Hyder.

Halfway aag ka dariya novel the novel, I started relating it with ‘One hundred years of solitude’, the theme of the same repetitive patterns of incarnations being the common factor. Jan 08, Fahmina added it Shelves: I do not know what they are even trying to do in the greater universal sense as human beings. Qurat ul Ain Haider emphasis is on the portrayal of such rule from darita lenses of the most native people, the subalterns if you will; a theme that is persistent through out the novel.

Definitely good, with good potential, but perhaps I need lighter fare for my commute.